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The Denver area is often referred to as an outdoor oasis, and the city of Littleton, Colorado, is no exception, but it is also home to some of the best outdoor activities in Colorado.

Littleton and the surrounding valley are located about 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver and are considered one of the most scenic areas in the state. Kokopelli Trail connects Grand Junction with Rocky Mountain National Park and the Platte River Trail. There is also a great network of hiking and cycling trails, the Great Divide Trail, and it is extremely popular with hikers, mountain bikers, snowshoers, hikers and mountain bikers. The Platte River Trail connects Littleton to downtown Denver via Chatfield Reservoir, but also has a number of other trails and trails within the city itself.

If you like wine or just want to experience this corner of Colorado for yourself, Palisade is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway with your family, friends and family. Look for the 749 for Couples train, which includes accommodation and departure on Friday from Denver Union Station and return on Sunday.

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can camp, watch wildlife, ride horses and camp in the woods. The 50-kilometer (50-mile) trail from Aurora to Chatfield takes you to rocky cliffs, mountain trails, hiking or cycling trails.

It is less strenuous than the Lawn Lake Trail, which follows the Roaring River to Lawn Lake and offers great views of the Longs and other peaks. It is open from June to Labour Day and from July 1 to September 30, free of charge and open to the public.

If you plan a visit and don't want to pay full price, Denver Botanic Gardens Denver CityPASS is on their website. While admission is $12.50 for adults and $9 for students, free guided tours are offered based on "first come, first served." There is a lot of information about how to make money, such as free parking, parking permits and other information about the gardens.

The tour starts every 30 minutes at the Littleton Municipal Courthouse and takes you through the historic Old Town, from the city centre to the Old Town Hall. Families can enjoy various activities for children while exploring the city's historic sites and attractions.

There are almost too many museums in Denver to count, but this list is a great way to comb through them all without having to plan a day visit. The most popular candidates are the Denver Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum and Colorado State Museum in Denver.

A great example is Deer Creek Canyon Park, which offers more than 2 km of hiking trails and is a great place to try your snowshoes. Popular individual parks are Genesee Park (with a thriving bison herd) and Colorado State Park in Denver.

A few hours outside Littleton is South Platte Park, where you can hike and learn about the local wildlife. Elderora is within easy reach and is ideal for hiking, cycling, fishing and camping, as well as hiking and fishing.

If you want to climb geological wonders, this is the best park in Littleton, and it is about an hour and a half outside. The Frisco Adventure Park in Frisca, CO, is a little more trek, but worth the trip. It is a little over a mile from the city of Denver and about halfway between Denver, Colorado and Denver City and County, Colo., and is an excellent place for hiking, biking, fishing and camping, as well as a few other activities.

Littleton has everything you could wish for and more, with ingenious hiking and cycling trails awe-inspiring landscapes and sophisticated parks, as well as a host of restaurants and bars.

The Breckenridge Brewery and the farmhouse on the Platte's bike path make it easy to grab a farm and enjoy the view with a delicious brew in hand. Littleton offers access to ski resorts, but you may have to deal with winter storms that make your trip more difficult. The Homewood Suites at Hilton Denver in Littleton are a great place to stay up to date with all Denver Metro news, events and activities. You can behave, but there are many amenities such as a fitness center, spa, gym, gym and even a pool.

Ask a Littleton native what they do, and they will most likely point you toward Lincoln Peak, one of Colorado's highest peaks and the second highest in North America. Lincoln Peaks can be climbed in a few minutes, stopping just before a summit to enjoy views of Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver International Airport and the Denver Metro.

It is easy enough to navigate the few blocks of the walkable Downtown Littleton area, and parking is free and very inexpensive, but you can't always find a place to park, so move around. Try staying in downtown Denver, where you can explore the best restaurants and bars, visit some excellent museums and galleries, or watch a Broncos, Rockies or Nuggets game. The D and C lines stop at Littleon, making it easy to reach and explore other areas of Denver.

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More About Littleton