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We decided to do so because the school district has closed all facilities until further notice. It must not be forgotten that youth sports organisations pre-finance the season and still incur costs even when games and exercises are not taking place. We understand that the fall sports conflicts and games will be scheduled for the week nights and Sundays to avoid possible scheduling conflicts. Starting today (October 5, 2020) we have prepared a game plan for all football, basketball and baseball games at Littleton High School.

We encourage all community leaders to join the Littleton Rotary Club, which provides volunteers to help with projects and fund-raising for the Littleton Rotaries Foundation. We support other non-profit organizations that provide services to the local community through grants, volunteer and help with financing - raising funds. The largest project the foundation has funded is the $500,000 that has been allocated to build a new high school football and basketball stadium and renovate the school's football field. Our members have established foodbanks for low-income students and have been instrumental in a number of other community projects, such as the Foodbank and the Pantry, and are active in a variety of youth sports and community activities.

The Littleton Rotary Foundation has provided water filters in Puerto Rico, helped provide economic development opportunities for women in Africa and Central America, helped build a new football and basketball stadium for high school in Colorado Springs, and helped provide water and sanitation to low-income families in Haiti, build a school for children with special needs in South Africa, and build a health center for the elderly and disabled in Africa and Latin America.

The foundation typically provides between $50,000 and $60,000 in grants, including up to $10,000 for international projects each year. The Foundation is accepting applications to support the international travel program of the Littleton Skyhawks football and basketball team. At no price will the Skyhawk team provide rental of the necessary equipment to participate in the program, such as football team equipment, basketball court and other equipment.

If any of the activities in the camp are not yet completed, you will receive an email with the date and time of your assessment of your skills and a list of activities for the camp. If the qualification evaluations are not completed or cancelled within five days of the order, your reserved activity camp selection will be cancelled.

First, Littleton Rotary continues to do what it does now, accepting requests from other organizations once a year, but developing a unique project. One of the current local projects is to help raise funds for a permanent establishment and the club will decide individually what it wants to do. AYL does not set guidelines for this policy and does not limit the number of activities at the camp to one per year.

The primary goal is to teach the basics of sport, good sportsmanship and teamwork to serve as many boys and girls as possible. The TGA has also added an extension to the physical education component and has expanded its after-school programs with character development initiatives.

The TGA has also expanded its program to accommodate students and parents who want a golf program in a safe and comfortable environment in their schools. The program has received an overwhelmingly positive response from schools, parents and students, making golf affordable and accessible to all children. This curriculum also offers students the opportunity to go from their school to the golf course program. To improve its business model and curriculum, T GAG has begun to offer geographically exclusive franchisees, which has become the basis of its Premier Junior Golf Program, which is now running in the United States.

The TGA has also established a 501c3, the TGA Sports Foundation, which is open to anyone who applies for grants to serve as a resource in this area. T GAG has branched out into tennis by signing a national partnership with the US Tennis Federation (USTA). In accordance with the rules of amateur status, his curriculum was approved by the USGA and he became an official member of the US National Association of Professional Golfers (NAPG).

Overall, he looks forward to further influencing the impact the foundation has on his community. I want to make sure we fund community needs and worthwhile projects, "he said.

We will follow the guidelines of the government (federal, state, city, etc.). We will communicate with any guidelines required by federal or state / city officials to obtain their approval.

Further information will be communicated on 25 May to those who have been informed of the obligation to remain socially distant. We will provide you with up-to-date information on these new measures and inform you if and when additional precautions will be taken if or when they become necessary.

The COVID 19 situation has disrupted life around the world and much is currently unknown. It is important that we do not rush into any decision, but the health and safety of our families is our primary concern. We will review the decisions of CHSAA and our local public schools and the decisions that will be taken in the future.

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