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Grand Junction, Colorado is one of the best places to have fun and do some free things. Grand Junction is a large city in western Colorado, located on the Colorado River, and has become a popular destination for visitors from the surrounding state and beyond. Not to mention that this popular mountain bike hotspot is home to more than 450 caches and is a great place to hike, cycle, ski and snowboard.

The city is also known for its one-mile downtown amusement park known as the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo (HARP). This sprawling park is a hidden gem in the heart of the DTC, offering a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, snowboarding and more. Frisco Adventure Park in Frisco, CO, is about an hour and a half from Littleton, so it's a little more of a hike, but worth the trip. This is one of my favorite parks in Colorado and can be found just a few miles south of downtown on the Colorado River, just outside the city limits of Fort Collins, Colorado. It is also a great place for hiking and skiing, as well as a good place for picnics and other activities.

Attractions include a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and much more. Families can also enjoy various activities for children and explore the city's historic sites and attractions.

The Colorado Mills shopping center is well served, and there are various arts and crafts events throughout the year, giving students access to a variety of arts and crafts, as well as arts and music events such as the Littleton Arts and Arts Aiming Contest. The Colorado Center for the Blind and Denver Seminary, which is also based here, has a strong education system.

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can camp, observe wildlife, camp and ride a horse, or hike or bike along more than 50 trails from Aurora to Chatfield. Montrose attractions include horse riding for adventurers, and there are snowshoes to try. In the Littleton area you can hike, cycle, ski and camp on rocky slopes and rocks, and enjoy a variety of other activities.

Try a stay in downtown Denver, where you can explore top restaurants and bars, visit great museums and galleries, and watch a game of the Broncos, Rockies or Nuggets. If you still want to enjoy nature in the golden years, but Colorado doesn't seem like the right destination, you could enjoy similar places in other parts of the state.

While nature and good food may keep you busy for a while, there are many other incredible things to see, do and explore. There are almost too many museums in Denver, but this list is well worth a day visit.

The Platte River Trail also connects Littleton to downtown Denver and Chatfield Reservoir. Heading into the rugged Berrian Mountain Park, you'll find caches in one of the city's most popular spots, such as Rocky Mountain National Park. Explore South Platte Park, where you can hike and learn about the local wildlife, and picnic at the park's picnic area.

A few hours from Littleton lies Eldora, a small town at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park. Elderora is within easy reach and you can follow your GPS to the Colorado River Falls National Wildlife Refuge, located just a few miles north of the city.

Experience Littleton's past by exploring the city's old town hall and its 19th-century agricultural history. The Littleton Museum offers an insight into the history of the city as it was when it settled, as well as its history as a tourist destination.

Morgan County is the place where the prairie meets the sky, and the city has earned its place on our list as one of the best places to stay in Colorado. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy Castlewood Canyon State Park and many outdoor activities include horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, camping and hiking. Morgan County's most popular attractions, including Rocky Mountain National Park, include a hiking trail network, mountain bike trail and trailhead for horse riding.

With the weather great and the Rockies as a backdrop, Littleton residents like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Colorado's high mountains and pristine lakes can serve as a great destination for those who want to retire to the mountains. It's no wonder that outdoor enthusiasts love Littleon; it's one of the best places in Colorado for hiking, biking, fishing and camping.

Downtown Littleton is a popular place to do activities and has some of the best shopping and dining in the Denver subway area, as well as a number of great restaurants and bars. The Denver suburb is also home to several child-friendly trips; studies have shown it to be one of the best places to raise a family in Colorado. Denver has many great parks, parks and recreational facilities, such as Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is a great place to hike, cycle, fish, camp and camp.

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